About ATA

Austin Taiwanese Association (ATA) {德州奧斯汀台灣同鄉會} is a non-profit organization  that serves the Taiwanese American community in the Austin, TX metropolitan region.   All board members of the ATA are volunteers and are elected by the members.


  • Share our rich culture within the Taiwanese-American community and the community at large.
  • Provide support to current Taiwanese-Americans  through information sharing and neighborly assistance.
  • Celebrate our common culture and heritage through periodic get-togethers each year, such as Lunar New Year,  Moon Festival, “Ba-Tsang” Festival, community projects, etc.

2018 Board Members:

賴怡蓁 Yichen (Jane) Lai

巢舒怡 Serena Chao (Treasurer)

葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh

許清隆 Chin-Long Shu

劉芝伶 Erica Liu

2017 Board Members:

葉雅鈴             Yea-Ling Yeh (President)

孫敏玲             Ringo Sun (Treasurer)

黃燕玲             Tiffany Huang

張 媺                Jenny Lee

石牧民             Shih Mu-Min (Bo̍k-bîn Tsio̍h)

2016 Board Members:

黃燕玲              Tiffany Huang (President)

潘美芬              Chang Mei Fen (Treasurer)

張 媺                 Jenny Lee

石牧民             Shih Mu-Min (Bo̍k-bîn Tsio̍h)

陳秀華              Kristin Chen

2015 Board Members:

黃煒涵              Hanna Huang (President)

潘美芬              Chang Mei Fen (Treasurer)

李弘道              Hong Tao Lee

黃玉晴              Julia Huang

陳秀華              Kristin Chen

2014 Board Members:

黃煒涵              Hanna Huang (President)

巢舒怡              Serena Chao (Treasurer)

李弘道              Hong Tao Lee

黃玉晴              Julia Huang

陳秀華              Kristin Chen

Former ATA Presidents:

2013                  黃燕玲 Tiffany Huang

2012                  蔣黃月嬌 Helen Chiang

2011                  蘇淑惠 Judy Chiang

2010                  葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh

2009                  何秀琴 Shio-Chin Yang

2008                  許清隆 Chin-Long Shu

2007                  賴怡蓁 Jane Lai

2006                  葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh

2005                  葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh

2004                  楊壽芳 Shou-Fang Yang

2003                  黃月嬌 Helen Chiang

2002                  李鐘松 Jong-Song Lee

2001                  李鐘松 Jong-Song Lee

2000                  潘以淳 Francis Pan

1999                  潘以淳 Francis Pan

1998                  朱光和 Kwang-Ho Chu

1997                  葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh

1996                  李鐘松 Jong-Song Lee

1995                  陳春興 Chun-Shing Chen

1994                  唐婉香 Melody Ho

1993                  吳宗憲 Peter Wu

1992                  吳宗憲 Peter Wu

1991                  郭鴻源 Hong-Yuan Guo

1990                  潘以淳 Francis Pan