Dragonboat Festival 肉粽節ㄟ活動

Dear ATA Members,

Our next event is in celebration of the Dragonboat Festival on June 11 at 6:30pm. We will be eating Taiwanese Sticky Rice Meat Dumplings (Bahzhang)! Please RSVP with us so we can make sure there is enough for everyone.


奧斯丁台灣同鄉會即將於 六月十一日下午六點半,舉辦肉粽節ㄟ活動。

Time 時間: 6-11-2016 下午6:30pm
Address 地點: Taiwanese Presbyterian Church 台灣長老教會 (5300 Duval Road, Austin, TX 78727)
Cost 費用: Members 會員 一份 $ 8, Non-members 非會員一份 $ 16
RSVP Contacts 聯絡人:
Tiffany Huang 512-736-1148
潘美芬 832-515-6419
石牧民 512-550-1776

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