2018 Lunar New Year on Feb. 24!

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Tickets on sale now!

Join us for our 2018 Year of the Dog Lunar New Year Celebration with your ATA Family. This year we will be back at the Asian American Resource Center Ballroom (8401 Cameron Road).

6-7pm Check-in, Kids Activities & Photobooth
7pm Dinner
7:30pm Performances

Member Price: (Annual Household Membership is $25)
Adult – $15 | Child – $10

Non-Member Price:
Adult – $25 | Child – $20

We ran out of tickets last year so make sure to contact your board members to buy them ASAP!

  • 賴怡蓁 Yichen (512) 921-3384, President
  • 巢舒怡 Serena (512) 576-1153 , Treasurer
  • 葉雅鈴 Yea-ling (512) 680–0590
  • 許清隆 Chin-Long (512) 796-9938
  • 劉芝伶 Erica (979) 709-3225


  1. Bring 1 wrapped gift per family for our ATA tradition of raffle exchange.
  2. Kids craft table will be available.
  3. Bring money to feed the dancing lions!
  4. Kids will have an opportunity to receive red envelopes from our ATA elders.

2017 Moon Festival Event 10/7

在這天災不斷的時節,我們除了應該替受難者們祈福之外, 我們更要珍惜與人相聚的美好時刻。奧斯汀台灣同鄉會懇請 各位同鄉能帶著你的家人, 並且邀請你的朋友們, 同來共聚一 堂,歡渡家鄉的節日﹗ 同鄉會除了有為大家準備的極品 - 綠豆椪、精美餐點⋯等等 ,更有一些有關台灣年輕人的影片愈與各位共享!

We would like to invite all of you to come and celebrate the 2017 MOON FESTIVAL together on October 7, Saturday at 5:30-8:00PM. ATA will provide moon cakes, snacks, fruits, drinks …etc. Don’t miss this opportunity for the delicious foods and the time with your family & friends.

Please come and enjoy the wonderful time with us.

Time 時間 : 10月7日( 週六 ) 5:30 – 8:00 PM

Location 地點 : 奧斯汀台灣基督長老教會 Austin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church 5300 Duval Road Austin, TX 78727

Member 費用 : 會員 — $ 10.00 / 每份餐點

Non-member 非會員 — $ 15.00 / 每份餐點

R.S.V.P. : 10月 3日 (週二 ) 前請洽 : Yea-ling Yeh 葉雅鈴: (512) 680–0590 Tiffany Huang 黃燕玲: (512) 736-1148 Mu-Min Shih 石牧民 : (512) 550-1776 Jenny Lee 張媺: (512) 452-8937 Ringo Sun 孫敏玲: (646) 309-0393

奧斯汀台灣同鄉會 會長 Austin Taiwanese Association President

Yea-ling Yeh 葉雅鈴 敬邀

2017 農曆新年 Lunar New Year


This year’s 農曆新年 LUNAR NEW YEAR PARTY will be on January 21, 2017 from 6:30-9pm at the Asian American Resource Center Ballroom (8401 Cameron Road).

Stay tuned for more details about tickets and pricing. We have a wonderful program and menu planned as well as our traditional lion dance and red envelope giving to little ones. Make sure to plan on bringing all your family and friends!

Also, congratulations to our new & returning 2017 Board Members:


葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh (President)

孫敏玲 Ringo Sun (Treasurer)


黃燕玲 Tiffany Huang

張 媺 Jenny Lee

石牧民 Shih Mu-Min (Bo̍k-bîn Tsio̍h)

December 2016 Annual Meeting


又到歲末時刻,希望各位同鄉在這過去的一年裡,都能心想事成。奧斯丁台灣同鄉會即將在12月10日晚上六點半於Thomas Buffet舉辦一年一度的年會。

今年同鄉會即將選出兩位新任理事; 今年有同鄉們推薦兩位候選人,葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh女士以及孫敏玲 Ringo Sun女士。



Dear Austin Taiwanese American Association members,

New Year is around the corner and our annual ATA meeting is not far behind. Please mark your calendar for this important event. We will elect two new board members. The candidates are Ms. 葉雅鈴 Yea-Ling Yeh and Ms. 孫敏玲 Ringo Sun.

ATA board members made several decisions for this year’s new board members election:

1.  Each family:
a) husband and wife have one vote each
b) single member has one vote.

Eligible voter – members whose names are listed on the left side (next to the membership number) of each page in the 2016 ATA directory.

2. No proxy voting allowed (Example: if one spouse is not attending the meeting, the other can only cast ONE vote.)

3. You may nominate one or more new board members (subject to nominees’ consent) on or before 12-02-2016.  Please send your nomination in writing or by email to any board member.  The Board of Directors will reply with confirmation upon receipt of your nomination.  If you do not receive the confirmation two days after submitting the nomination, please contact the board member to whom you send the nomination.

4. The annual meeting is ATA’s most important gathering where new board members are elected and reports are presented.  Distribution of handbills, speeches, solicitation, loitering of non-members, introduction of uninvited guests, and presentation of written or printed materials are strictly prohibited unless written approval is obtained from the Board of Directors on or before 12-02-2016.

ATA welcome all our members attend this meeting and congratulate the new coming board members.

Location: Thomas Buffet
Time:       December 10, 2016 Saturday 6:30PM
Fee:         $15 ( include ice tea )

黃燕玲 Tiffany Huang 512-736-1148
潘美芬 Meifen Chang 832-515-6419
張    媺 Jenny Lee        512-452-8937
石牧民  Mu-Min Shi     512-550-1776
陳秀華  Kristin Chen    512-551-9033

Austin Asian American Film Festival Discount Codes for 2 Movies!

The Austin Asian American Film Festival (AAAFF) brings a world of stories to Austin in one festival!

The jam-packed festival will run from November 3-6, 2016 at the Blanton Auditorium, 200 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78701. The festival features Asian and Asian American films from established masters and exciting newcomers alike, including the documentary “Tyrus” (about famed ex-Disney artist Tyrus Wong) and Hirokazu Koreeda’s “After the Storm.” Most of these films will have its regional or Austin premiere at AAAFF, and the diverse lineup features award-winning films that cover a wide range of genres, cultures, and themes.

Use the links provided by the movies below to get $3 off each movie (regular price $10). Discount only works ONLINE and EXPIRES at 11:59pm day before the movie date.

Address: Blanton Auditorium, 200 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78701
Parking Map: https://blantonmuseum.org/welcome/parking/


November 3, 7:15 PM
(USA / 78min / English / Documentary)
Pamela Tom’s feature debut TYRUS tells the true story of 105-year-old pioneering Chinese American artist and Disney
Legend Tyrus Wong, set against a backdrop of immigration, poverty, and racial prejudice. Although his design work was crucial to the animated classic Bambi and over 100 live-action movies, the name Tyrus Wong remains largely unknown – until now. Preceded by short: FOREVER CHINATOWN
Click to Buy Ticket Here

November 6, 7:15 PM
(Japan / 117min / Japanese / Drama)

Japan’s most acclaimed living filmmaker delivers his latest feature, hailed by audiences in Cannes and Toronto as well as its home country. Hirokazu Koreeda’s AFTER THE STORM is yet another sensitive take on a divided family, in which a typhoon forces a sudden reunion between a wastrel private eye, his elderly mother, his ex-wife, and his unfamiliar son. Preceded by short: FRANK AND KASS
Click to Buy Ticket Here

An Invitation from UT Taiwanese Students Association 臺灣同學會 to 《52Hz, I Love You》Film


您好,魏德聖導演的最新作品,《52Hz, I Love You》即將來到奧斯汀巡迴演出!很榮幸奧斯汀能成為北美巡演的一員,希望這次魏導的作品可以為大家帶來輕鬆歡樂的秋季時分!

睽違已久,魏德聖導演最新作品──台灣首部音樂劇電影《52Hz, I Love You》,以原創曲樂與大膽起用充滿魅力的新生代演員來詮釋台北都會愛情故事。繼《賽德克巴萊》和《KANO》的豪華盛宴後,《52Hz, I Love You》這部清新小品宛如精緻的下午茶甜點,讓觀眾享有滿滿的甜蜜幸福感!不僅讓人重溫《海角七號》的感動,在動人的音樂旋律中,傳遞快樂、幸福,找回「愛」的勇氣與美好!

Have you heard of the whale that only sings at 52Hz? How come loneliness is only the beginning of the story? Award-winning Taiwanese director, Wei Te-sheng, is bringing his new film to Austin! You will bring home a lot of love and a lot of happiness after watching the movie.

Director Introduction 電影前導片(起源篇):https://youtu.be/LQdSRI5kTNM
Film Teaser Trailer 電影前導片(海角七號篇):https://goo.gl/Bl5mpH

11/16 (三) UT Student Activity Center Auditorium 1.402
1830 – 1900 入場 Admission
1900 – 2050 電影放映 Film Screening
2050 – 2140 Q&A (演員) Special Guests
2140 – 2200 簽名及大合照 [購票資訊] Autograph Session

Ticket Price 嘉賓票: $10 (自由入座)
VIP Ticket 特惠VIP票: $30 (Includes VIP seat & donation of a movie ticket to underprivileged in Taiwan / VIP保留席, 並含臺灣公益票乙張 )

RSVP w/ 葉雅鈴 Yea-ling Yeh (512-794-0261) by 11/10 or buy on Eventbrite here: https://goo.gl/eWUySV

棉花糖 katncandix2 主唱 莊鵑瑛 – 小球

本次活動由UT臺灣同學會, UT電影學系, UT亞洲文化學系, 奧斯汀臺灣同鄉會聯合舉辦。歡迎各位臺灣夥伴共襄盛舉!


Dragonboat Festival 肉粽節ㄟ活動

Dear ATA Members,

Our next event is in celebration of the Dragonboat Festival on June 11 at 6:30pm. We will be eating Taiwanese Sticky Rice Meat Dumplings (Bahzhang)! Please RSVP with us so we can make sure there is enough for everyone.


奧斯丁台灣同鄉會即將於 六月十一日下午六點半,舉辦肉粽節ㄟ活動。

Time 時間: 6-11-2016 下午6:30pm
Address 地點: Taiwanese Presbyterian Church 台灣長老教會 (5300 Duval Road, Austin, TX 78727)
Cost 費用: Members 會員 一份 $ 8, Non-members 非會員一份 $ 16
RSVP Contacts 聯絡人:
Tiffany Huang 512-736-1148
潘美芬 832-515-6419
石牧民 512-550-1776